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How To Help Your Baby Sleep In Hot Weather

There’s a simple solution to help babies sleep when temperatures soar. Babies find it hard to sleep during hot weather, and the UK has been experiencing heatwaves and [...]

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How to cut down on plastic: 6 simple ways to reduce your family’s exposure to plastic this Plastic Free July

Plastics are polluting our homes, contaminating our bodies and choking the planet. It's estimated that bottle fed babies are likely to ingest up to 3 million micro-plastic particles [...]

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Air quality in kids room

National Clean Air Day: Indoor air pollution and children

The UK government acknowledges that air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk we are currently facing. Air pollution causes around 36,000 deaths in the UK each year. [...]

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What every parent should know about sun safety: Six often overlooked things to consider when enjoying the sun this summer.

From natural suncream, vitamin D, hose pipe safety and toxic products, there are some really important things parents should consider when enjoying the sun safely this Sun Safety [...]

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Earth Day Micro-Plastic Detox Challenge

MICRO-PLASTICS NOW FOUND IN THE LUNGS OF LIVING HUMANS This month, another worrying study has found micro-plastics deep inside the lungs of living humans. This follows last months' [...]

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Natural ways to promote sleep

Guest blog written by Susan Wallace, founder of Settled Petals, an expert in infant sleep, potty training, baby yoga & baby massage. World Sleep Day is taking place [...]

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safer sleep week newborn

Safer Sleep Week: Choosing the safest baby sleeping bag

Core to our ethos is helping to protect the safety and health of babies and the planet. It's why we do what we do. Safer sleep for babies [...]

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Non-toxic blackout blinds for nurseries

It seems ridiculous even writing a title about non-toxic nursery blackout blinds. Surely, all blackout blinds should have to be non-toxic, especially if they're designed for use in [...]

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International Women’s Day with @MAMAWELLUK: #BreakTheBias on exercise during pregnancy.

Guest blog post written by Rosie Stockley, founder of @mamawelluk. International Women’s Day is a great time to reflect and amplify the achievements of women, but we should [...]

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Human exposure to micro-plastics and what it means for health

We've all now seen a lot in the news about the environmental disaster of micro-plastics. They've now made their way into all parts of our world, eco systems [...]

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How to reduce your baby’s exposure to micro-plastics

Guest blog post written by Jenna, founder of Cloud and Cuckoo. Recent research has found an alarming amount of microplastic in babies poo. If you are wondering how [...]

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New study finds thousands of chemicals in drinking water from reusable plastic bottles

A study by the University of Copenhagen tested water from reusable plastic drinking bottles and found worrying levels of chemicals in the drinking water. They tested three brands [...]

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How to get your child’s bedroom environment right for a good night’s sleep

Guest blog post: Written by Joanna; a certified holistic paediatric sleep consultant and founder of Sleep Superstars. Her own experience of expensive sleep consultants made her realise that [...]

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How do chemicals affect our immune system? And which are the main ones to avoid

Our immune systems plays a vital role in our health by protecting our bodies from harmful invaders and cell damage which can cause illness and disease. Our immune [...]

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Is PVC safe for babies and children?

PVC is considered to be one of the most harmful types of plastic for both human and environmental health. PVC is made soft and pliable using a group [...]

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