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Unwrap the Truth: A Quiz on Plastic Myths and Facts

Ready to test your knowledge and debunk some common misconceptions? Dive into our "Unwrap the Truth Quiz" below and discover essential insights about plastics, their impact on our [...]

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Mastering Plastic-Free Living: Pure Earth Collection’s Guide to Plastic Free July and our Plastic Free Kids Day on 8 July

Welcome to Pure Earth Collection’s comprehensive guide to Plastic Free July! This month-long global initiative encourages individuals and businesses alike to reduce their plastic usage and make more [...]

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baby sleeping in eco sleeping bag and organic blackout blinds

Breathe Easy: Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Welcome to National Clean Air Month! Did you know that indoor air pollution is up to 600% worse than outdoor air pollution? Shockingly, around 36,000 people in the [...]

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Keeping Your Little Ones Safe and Comfortable in the Sun and Heat

When temperatures soar it can be harder to navigate sleep, sun safety and unpolluted air while also looking out for the planet.  As parents, our priority is the [...]

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World Health Day: Embracing Sleep and Non-Toxic Living

As the globe observes World Health Day on April 7th, it's a great opportunity to reflect on the integral role sleep plays in our overall health. This year, [...]

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April’s Awakening: How To Ensure Undisrupted Sleep Through The Sunnier Months While Embracing Healthier Nights With Pure Earth Collection

The transition into sunny evenings and lighter mornings can disrupt our children's sleep patterns. The natural rhythm of sleep, deeply intertwined with the cycles of light and darkness, [...]

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How to prepare baby for clock change

How To Prepare For The Clock Change With Expert Tips from Settled Petals

We're thrilled to bring you Susan Wallace, one of our favourite baby exports and the driving force behind Settled Petals. Who brings her vast expertise as a Baby [...]

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Microplastics and nanoplastics in human blood linked to heart disease and premature death in important new study: What we can do to protect our kids

In a study published this month, scientists have found a significantly higher risk of early death, heart attacks and strokes in people with plastic particles in their blood. [...]

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Organic Swimwear: An essential step towards solving today’s microplastic crisis with Emma Bianco, Founder of Pure Earth Collection

Explore our latest blog post with Emma Bianco, Founder of Pure Earth Collection, as she delves into the urgent need for organic swimwear in combating today's microplastic crisis: [...]

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Celebrating Safer Sleep Week with Pure Earth Collection: Embrace Peaceful Nights for Your Little Ones

As Safer Sleep Week approaches, our focus sharpens on the most crucial aspects of parenting—ensuring our babies sleep safely and soundly. At Pure Earth Collection, the desire for [...]

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How to dress your baby for sleep in the winter

February and March are some of the coldest months in the UK, with average temperatures (since 2020) at 4.9°C and 6.1°C respectively. This can make dressing your baby [...]

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The Health Consequences of Microplastics are costing the American healthcare system US$249 billion a year, according to doctors at New York University

There's been A LOT in the news this month about microplastics and nanoplastics and their worrying human health implications. It can often feel overwhelming when we read articles [...]

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Baby sleeping in organic sleeping bag in nursery

Low-tox living tips for a healthier 2024: Detox your home with these simple and effective changes

Clean living does not stop at what we eat but extends - just as importantly - to our everyday environment. It's now estimated that environmental exposures are responsible [...]

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What fabrics are safe for babies?

Organic and natural fabrics are better for your baby and for the planet. Chemicals that come into contact with your baby’s skin take only 26 seconds to get inside their bodies via their blood. We only use organic fabrics and safe dyes in our products.

Little Earth Baby organic bamboo baby sleeping bags
Our pioneering bamboo wadding sleeping bags are made using 100% organic and natural fabrics.


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Baby’s First Birthday Sugar-Free Cake

Are you looking for a super tasty, sugar-free birthday cake for your baby's first birthday? Well in a past working life, I was a private chef and I [...]

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