Choosing natural bedding for kids and organic baby sleeping bags

There is more and more awareness these days of the importance of choosing natural bedding for kids. Here we talk through the benefits of different fabrics for your [...]

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non toxic baby play mats

Non toxic baby play mats: What inspired our founder to create them

You will find a secret discount code and a link to our non-toxic play mats at the bottom of this page! When I had my first baby I [...]

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5 fun craft ideas for young kids (that will also reduce waste)

In this article, Scott Hawthorne from shares some of his favourite craft ideas for young children that will make use of things around your home you'd normally [...]

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Natural Blackout Blinds – making them safe for babies

We’re so excited to introduce our latest product - our natural blackout blinds have been in development for almost two years to ensure they meet our high standards. [...]

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Plastic free July: A round up of our favourite plastic free swaps.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution, so that we can start to reduce our [...]

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Know your plastics – safer plastics guide

Plastics are made from a mixture of crude oil and synthetic chemicals. Different plastics have different uses, and they also differ hugely in terms of toxicity to human [...]

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Delicious ‘Immunity Boosting’ Meals!

Written by Roxanna Arefpour, a sustainable holistic health coach and founder of Soul Spectrum ROAST THE RED PEPPERS Peppers (including chillies) can often become the forgotten vegetable of [...]

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Dealing with baby eczema

Written by Nina Howard, mother with experience in dealing with baby eczema What is eczema? Eczema is a very common skin condition in which the skin becomes red, [...]

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Easter Gifts For Babies

Spring has finally arrived and Easter is just around the corner. We all love seeing the excited faces of little people on Easter morning running round the garden [...]

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Formaldehyde in baby products

WHAT IS FORMALDEHYDE? Formaldehyde is a colourless, strong smelling poisonous gas. It’s a known carcinogen which has been found in the fabrics of mainstream baby clothing brands in [...]

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Meditation For Parents – Finding Time To Recharge and Rebalance

Written by Sam Wysock-Wright, Vedic meditation teacher Becoming a parent is an exciting, yet nerve-wracking experience. You no longer have just yourself to think about, but a little [...]

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A simple guide for practicing yoga during pregnancy

Laurella Fox-Pitt, yoga teacher, shares her top tips on practicing yoga during pregnancy safely through the three trimesters It is important to remember that we all experience pregnancy [...]

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Avoiding plastics – Why it’s important and easy changes you can make to protect your family

Are plastics bad for babies? Find out about why we should be minimising our babies' exposure to plastics and how to make simple changes at home Plastics are [...]

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Why fabric choice is so important for babies

Organic and natural fabrics are better for your baby and for the planet. Chemicals that come into contact with your baby’s skin take only 26 seconds to get inside their bodies via their blood. We only use organic fabrics and safe dyes in our products.

Little Earth Baby organic bamboo baby sleeping bags
Our pioneering bamboo wadding sleeping bags are made using 100% organic and natural fabrics.


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