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“If you are looking for a baby sleep suit, sleeping bag or comforter, Pure Earth Collection has a full range made from natural organic fabrics.”

Those that are environmentally conscious or just want the best quality for their little ones be sure to check out Pure Earth Collection!

“As they are all-season, unisex and sized 0-2 years, they reduce the need for multiple bags per family, making them a great eco option”

“I am completely obsessed with this revolutionary organic sleeping bag from Pure Earth Collection! I love that it has 100% natural bamboo wadding”

*Pure Earth Collection was previously Little Earth Baby and some of the above references may have been in the name of Little Earth Baby

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As a family, we are very aware of the negative effects of today’s modern-day lifestyles on our long term health. We’re also trying to reduce our plastic footprint on the world. We’re so happy to have found a company who share our ethos on these things and that we can trust without baby products. Having a sleeping bag which is biodegradable, thermoregulating and non-toxic is fantastic. On top of that, it’s our son’s absolute favourite to sleep in, it’s so cosy and he hasn’t woken up too hot or too cold since he’s been in it.

Sophie, mother of 18 month old

There is nothing on the market that compares to one of Pure Earth Collection’s all-season sleeping bags. Their natural wadding gives a much greater cosiness and comfort than a polyester wadding bag and with the wonderful added benefit of knowing that they are not going to overheat. Plus, they’re biodegradable so you AND your baby feel so much better! My one year old sleeps so soundly in hers, as do I knowing I don’t have to worry whether or not she’s in the right tog. Thank you Pure Earth Collection.

Georgie, mother of a toddler and 1 year old

Thank you so much we love the sleeping bags!! So clever as really the twins haven’t been sweating in them like their other bags

Jessica Henderson (@littlelivinglifestyle), mother of 4 under 4

Thank you for changing our lives! Our baby now sleeps for so many hours! I have been looking for a natural wadded sleeping bag for nearly two years for my daughter, who always wakes up too hot or too cold. Since sleeping in her Pure Earth Collection sleeping bag she’s had some of her longest sleep yet, despite the recent snowstorms and heatwaves! We’re so excited to get one for our new baby, arriving in a few months! And I love how much money it will save us over the 2 years as you really do only need one all year round, and my daughter looks like she’ll be wearing hers well into her 3rd year

Kate, mother of two

It’s great knowing that Pure Earth Collection can be our go-to trusted place for safe and non-toxic baby products. My little girl sleeps SO well in her all-season sleeping bag. We are on the move a lot so being able to put her to sleep in the car in her sleeping bag and transfer her to the cot bed at the other end is fantastic – and all without the worry of what the room temperature will be when they get there!

Emily, mother of a toddler

A super-soft comforter which is also organic! This is amazing as our babies are serious chewers, it’s impossible to stop them from sucking on their teddies. Knowing they are all-natural fabrics and free from harmful substances is such a relief. We’re so excited about the launch of the playmats!

Abby, mother of two