Organic Sensory Toys

100% organic cotton sensory toys with biodegradable stuffing. They’re soft and cuddly and they rattle and crinkle! And have a loop for attaching to buggies.

Organic Bumblebee Sensory Toy

Bumble Bee Sensory Toy


Organic Lion Sensory Toy

Lion Sensory Toy


Organic Hornbill Sensory Toys

Hornbill Sensory Toy


Our cleaner oceans pledge

With each toy purchased we will remove 10 grams of plastic from our shores and oceans on your behalf. That’s around 1 plastic bottles or 36 plastic straws! Read more about our Cleaner Oceans Pledge here.

Why our organic sensory toys are so great

It’s so important for soft toys to be made from organic and natural fabrics with safe dyes. They’re in contact with your baby’s skin for long periods of time and inevitably they will end up being sucked. Putting things in their mouth is an important part of how babies learn – but sucking on polyester results in thousands of microplastic particles being swallowed, so it’s much safer and healthier to have natural fibres for anything your child is going to be playing with. 

This is why we’re passionate about designing totally natural and organic soft toys for babies. Made from super-soft velour fabric in interesting, contrasting colours, these toys rattle and crinkle and have interesting shapes to explore – keeping your babies entertained for hours. They come with loops to attach to buggies and chairs while out and about, so they can join you on all your adventures! 

We’ve even made sure the labels are safe and non-toxic too.