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What is hypnobirthing and is it for you? Interview with a midwife

During my first pregnancy I heard the word 'hypnobirthing' mentioned a lot. I was reading books about positive birthing and I was in a really good headspace as [...]

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Why choose natural baby sensory toys

Sensory toys are great for encouraging your little ones' cognitive skills and physical development. Their brains are developing so quickly and they are so curious about everything that [...]

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Choosing natural bedding for kids and organic baby sleeping bags

There is more and more awareness these days of the importance of choosing natural bedding for kids. Here we talk through the benefits of different fabrics for your [...]

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non toxic baby play mats

Non toxic baby play mats: What inspired our founder to create them

You will find a secret discount code and a link to our non-toxic play mats at the bottom of this page! When I had my first baby I [...]

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Organic baby sleeping bags for a better nights sleep

Importance of sleep quality for children’s mental health

LACK OF SLEEP CAN CAUSE LOW MOOD AND LEARNING DIFFICULTIES IN CHILDREN It probably won’t come as a surprise that sleep quality goes hand in hand with children’s [...]

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Tips for homeschooling during lockdown

Written by Lucy Kelly, a creative mother of three whose family went into isolation two weeks before so has had a head start on the homeschooling front!  What [...]

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The Ultimate Eco Christmas Gift Guide

Who's started their Christmas shopping? We've heard from so many wonderful people this year wanting to support small businesses and shop sustainably in the run up to Christmas. [...]

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Best Baby Products for Eczema

#unhideEczema and #GetEczemaWise October is Eczema Awareness Month run by the National Eczema Association. It is an opportunity to help raise awareness and reduce stigma. Eczema is a [...]

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Baby sleep advice: Why your baby should sleep in a dark room

Written by Susan Wallace, a Certified Sleep Consultant and Baby Massage Educator Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone, which sends a message to the body to prepare for [...]

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5 fun craft ideas for young kids (that will also reduce waste)

In this article, Scott Hawthorne from shares some of his favourite craft ideas for young children that will make use of things around your home you'd normally [...]

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Natural Blackout Blinds – making them safe for babies

We’re so excited to introduce our latest product - our natural blackout blinds have been in development for almost two years to ensure they meet our high standards. [...]

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Natural, Non-Toxic Play Mats

You will find a secret discount code and a link to our non-toxic play mats at the bottom of this page! With many brands now using words like [...]

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Plastic free July: A round up of our favourite plastic free swaps.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution, so that we can start to reduce our [...]

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Know your plastics – safer plastics guide

Plastics are made from a mixture of crude oil and synthetic chemicals. Different plastics have different uses, and they also differ hugely in terms of toxicity to human [...]

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Get your kids excited about greenery

Written by Caroline Johnston; founder of The Every Space, a curated gift & plant shop in Walthamstow, London. Children and nature tend to have an immediate connection, and [...]

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