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Award winning baby sleeping bags and travel blackout blinds: Clean + Conscious Awards

The Clean + Conscious Awards are the world's most rigorous and prestigious awards for recognising products which are truly non-toxic and sustainable. The selection process to be entered [...]

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Eco Halloween Decorations, Outfits and Treats

Halloween is up there with Christmas in terms of excitement levels in our house from the kids! There's a lot of pressure to put on a good show, [...]

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microplastic in toys

Micro-plastics in baby poo – the health implications of micro-plastics

Micro-plastics in the human body are a known health concern, but, due to lack of current research into the subject, the long term implications are not fully understood. [...]

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keep kids hands clean

Children’s immune systems are being affected by constant hand sanitising

Pediatric units are currently overwhelmed with very unwell kids, and with everyone now back at school, and the seasons about to change, it’s important to help do what [...]

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Quick and healthy breakfasts for the school run rush

I spent most of last year wondering how to take the stress out of school mornings. Getting kids up, dressed, fed, teeth and face cleaned, and out of [...]

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Zero Waste Week – Zero waste tips for families

Zero waste week is a national awareness week which aims to help consumers reduce their household and landfill waste. It can be really hard to reduce waste when [...]

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How the best organic baby sleeping bags can help your baby sleep

HELPING BABIES TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT To help babies regulate their body temperature throughout the night it's important to choose 100% natural fabrics for your bedding, inside [...]

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organic sensory toys

World Bee Day 2021: Bees and microplastics

Bees play a crucial role in the preservation of our global ecosystems and the pollination of crops and plants. Without bees, it’s thought that humans would only survive [...]

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5 Star Rated Non-Toxic Play Mat Reviews

Are you looking for a plastic-free foam play mat which is truly non-toxic? We've created best play mat for you, made from totally natural and sustainably harvested materials, [...]

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12 Easy Earth Day Resolutions: Simple lifestyle swaps to help protect our planet

Earth Day is a worldwide event to promote clean living and a healthy, sustainable habitat for people and wildlife. Getting involved in Earth Day demonstrates your commitment to [...]

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Sustainable Easter Gifts 2021

Are you looking for sustainable Easter gifts with less plastic waste this year? Here's our round up of the best eco Easter gifts from lovely, ethical brands. ToyChoc [...]

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Best practices for safe sleep for babies

Emma Bianco, founder of Pure Earth Collection, has spent the last four years researching the materials used to make conventional baby products. She regularly shares her findings in [...]

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What is hypnobirthing and is it for you? Interview with a midwife

During my first pregnancy I heard the word 'hypnobirthing' mentioned a lot. I was reading books about positive birthing and I was in a really good headspace as [...]

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Why choose natural baby sensory toys

Sensory toys are great for encouraging your little ones' cognitive skills and physical development. Their brains are developing so quickly and they are so curious about everything that [...]

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Choosing natural bedding for kids and organic baby sleeping bags

There is more and more awareness these days of the importance of choosing natural bedding for kids. Here we talk through the benefits of different fabrics for your [...]

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