Organic Baby Sleeping Bags

Award winning, temperature regulating natural baby sleeping bags. Organic fabrics inside and out with innovative bamboo wadding. 

All-season bamboo sleeping bags

The unique natural fabrics of this organic sleeping bag make it perfect for all-seasons. Our polyester-free bamboo wadding offers year round comfort and soft cotton lining is great for sensitive skin.

Our signature bags, just without comforter or seatbelt pocket

Signature bag, with detachable comforter and seatbelt pocket

Same as our signature bags with added embroidery

Tropical Nights Bag

Lowest tog on the market, made from 100% modal.

Lowest tog on the market at 0.2. Includes all features

Spare detachable comforters

Our sleeping bags come with a detachable comforter to help with self-settling. Attaching them to the bag removes the temptation to leave loose items in the cot, helping to promote safer sleep.  

Our cleaner oceans pledge

With each bag purchased we will remove 33 grams of plastic from our shores and oceans on your behalf. That’s around 3 plastic bottles or 110 plastic straws! Read more about our Cleaner Oceans Pledge here.

Our natural baby sleeping bags

Unpredictable room temperatures led us to design a truly thermoregulating and unique natural baby sleeping bag with bamboo wadding. We couldn’t find a wool bag which was either warm or practical (think blanket versus duvet). And we’re not keen on polyester-fill bags which work against the body’s efforts to regulate temperature (a 2.5 tog poly-fill bag is the equivalent to 20 shredded plastic bottles!). We needed a solution. 

Our 1.5 tog thermoregulating baby sleeping bags are great for room temperatures ranging from 13-27°C.

Fabric composition  All season bags: Organic bamboo wadding with organic cotton lining. Tropical nights bags: 100% organic modal fabric with no wadding,  perfect for keeping cool on hot nights.

Bags are cleverly designed to fit newborns to toddlers, providing an economical and environmentally sustainable solution to the multiple sleeping bags most families get through. For newborns, simply adjust the shoulder poppers to the tighter fitting and do up the poppers under the arms. You can also tuck the end of the bag under the mattress for a snug-fitting transition from swaddling. 

“Pure Earth Collection bags have revolutionised my son’s sleep! With unpredictable night time temperatures, the thermo-regulating bamboo wadding keeps him snug all night long. Since using these bags, I have noticed that he settles quicker, sleeps later and seems to have a better quality sleep.”

SOFIE, Mother of one year old
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