Organic Cotton Baby Comforters

Natural, organic fabrics and safe dyes.

Organic bunny comforter

With friendly faces, big silk, label-like ears and super soft materials, your baby is not going to want to put them down.


Bunny Comforter


Organic hippo and lion comforter

Children love to suck on and chew on toys, therefore all of our comforters are made with 100% natural materials and non-toxic dyes.

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Our cleaner oceans pledge

With each comforter purchased, we will remove 14 grams of plastic from our shores and oceans. That’s equivalent to 1 plastic bottle or 44 plastic straws! Read more about our Cleaner Oceans Pledge here.

Why our organic cotton comforters are so great

We think it’s so important for baby comforters, and all soft toys, to be organic and natural fabrics with safe dyes. Inevitably they will end up being sucked, and better to have natural fibres ingested than microplastic particles from polyester alternatives. 

This is why we’ve created our organic cotton comforters. Made from super-soft velour fabric, with friendly faces, your babies are not going to want to put them down!  

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