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Is PVC safe for babies and children?

PVC is considered to be one of the most harmful types of plastic for both human and environmental health. PVC is made soft and pliable using a group [...]

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Organic toddler travel beds with 100% natural mattress

Conventional toddler travel beds are usually made from some combination of polyester, PVC and synthetic foams, which are harmful to our health and the environment. The importance of [...]

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Micro-plastic air pollution in our homes

Indoor air pollution is up to 6x higher than the air outside, and with more and more people spending increasing amounts of time at home, it's a quick [...]

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Eco Christmas Gifts: How to have a more Sustainable Christmas

32% of consumers in 2021 highly value sustainability as part of their lifestyle choices*. But, as consumers ourselves, we know all too well that companies don't always make [...]

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Green Friday: Why Black Friday should be more green

We're all becoming increasingly aware of the environmental damage being done by mass consumerism, and Black Friday plays a big part in this destruction. As consumers, parents, uncles [...]

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Award Winning Eco Kids Brand Pure Earth Collection

It's been a busy and very exciting couple of months for our brand. We were shortlisted as finalists for seven awards and went on to win five of [...]

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Award winning eco kids brand: Absolutely Mama Awards 2021

The Absolutely Mama Awards celebrate the best in style and innovative design in the baby and kids industry. They honour only the very best brands and products from [...]

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Award winning baby sleeping bags and travel blackout blinds: Clean + Conscious Awards

The Clean + Conscious Awards are the world's most rigorous and prestigious awards for recognising products which are truly non-toxic and sustainable. The selection process to be entered [...]

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Eco Halloween Decorations, Outfits and Treats

Halloween is up there with Christmas in terms of excitement levels in our house from the kids! There's a lot of pressure to put on a good show, [...]

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microplastic in toys

Micro-plastics in baby poo – the health implications of micro-plastics

Micro-plastics in the human body are a known health concern, but, due to lack of current research into the subject, the long term implications are not fully understood. [...]

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keep kids hands clean

Children’s immune systems are being affected by constant hand sanitising

Pediatric units are currently overwhelmed with very unwell kids, and with everyone now back at school, and the seasons about to change, it’s important to help do what [...]

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Quick and healthy breakfasts for the school run rush

I spent most of last year wondering how to take the stress out of school mornings. Getting kids up, dressed, fed, teeth and face cleaned, and out of [...]

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Zero Waste Week – Zero waste tips for families

Zero waste week is a national awareness week which aims to help consumers reduce their household and landfill waste. It can be really hard to reduce waste when [...]

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How the best organic baby sleeping bags can help your baby sleep

HELPING BABIES TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT To help babies regulate their body temperature throughout the night it's important to choose 100% natural fabrics for your bedding, inside [...]

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organic sensory toys

World Bee Day 2021: Bees and microplastics

Bees play a crucial role in the preservation of our global ecosystems and the pollination of crops and plants. Without bees, it’s thought that humans would only survive [...]

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