Natural, non-toxic and biodegradable children’s products

Made from plants, not plastic

Our mission is to inspire you to make informed choices about the fabrics and ingredients in your children’s products, and to provide a wider choice of natural options. 

No nasty chemicals

No formaldehyde, BPA, phthalates, EVA foam, polycarbonate or other nasty chemicals and heavy metals.


All our wadding, stuffing, fabrics, labels etc are completely natural, including our packaging.


We use organic fabrics, which are much kinder to the environment and use a lot less water, and sustainable and biodegradable materials.

Best Sellers

Bamboo baby sleeping bags

Natural fabric wadded sleeping bags  £98 - £125

£68 – £125

Organic cotton comforters


The Pure Earth Collection difference

We are passionate about keeping our children safe and protecting their future by looking after both their health and that of our beautiful planet. That’s why we have created a range of products which use natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials, with no nasty chemicals or heavy metals.

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