Find out about the best fabrics for babies sensitive skin and why natural fabrics are safer for kids

Babies’ skin is very absorbent

Organic and natural fabrics are better for your baby and for the planet. Babies’ skin is very delicate and easily absorbs chemicals into the bloodstream. Chemicals that come into contact with your baby’s skin take only 26 seconds to get inside their bodies via their blood.

Organic fabrics and safe dyes reduce the risk of any nasties coming into contact with the skin. This can ease immediate reactions such as allergies and rashes, but it also helps to protect their long-term health by creating a healthier internal balance free from toxins.

Babies love to put everything in their mouths

As well as the absorbency of the skin, we must also consider the more direct route into the body via the mouth. Babies love to suck on anything and everything! When fabrics are sucked on, thousands of tiny micro-particles become dislodged and swallowed. Think of the filter on your tumble dryer after just one cycle – it’s the same stuff that’s ending up inside your baby’s stomach after sucking on that jumper, sock or favourite teddy. So keep it natural, you don’t want those ingested particles to be thousands of micro-plastics coming off a polyester soft toy, or even non-organic cotton particles that have been treated with harsh chemicals in the dyeing process.

Environmental benefits

As natural and organic fabrics are grown without toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers they’re also:

  • Better for the environment and surrounding ecosystems
  • Safer for the bees, insects and animals
  • Healthier for the farmers and workers in the fields

For all the reasons above, we only use organic fabrics and safe dyes in our products. Your babies deserve the best and they need a functioning planet to live on too!

Pure Earth Collection organic baby sleeping bags

Our pioneering bamboo wadding sleeping bags are made using 100% organic and natural fabrics. Not only is this healthier for your baby and for the planet, it’s also much safer. Natural fabrics, particularly our bamboo wadding, allow for much greater temperature regulation, meaning babies are less likely to wake up cold or to overheat, which can be a dangerous issue when using a polyester-fill bag. Click here to learn more about our organic baby sleeping bags.

Pure Earth Collection cotton baby comforters

Our organic bunny comforters are made with 100% organic fabrics and natural and biodegradable stuffing. Click here to learn more about our organic baby comforters.

Pure Earth Collection natural baby teethers

Our teethers are made from 100% organic cotton attached to an organic maplewood ring. Click here to learn more about our natural teethers for babies

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