Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution, so that we can start to reduce our plastic waste in houses, schools and workplaces and help protect our shared home, the earth. Over 250 million people have participated in the movement so far.

Cutting plastic out on a day-to-day basis can be really tough and it’s sometimes very hard to find alternatives. So last month, on Instagram, we were sharing our favourite everyday plastic-free products in order to help you live more sustainably. Here is a round up of our top plastic free swaps:

1. Plastic free lunches

So much money and single-use plastic is being wasted everyday on grab-and-go lunches. Investing in a sustainable lunchbox is a great solution. Our go-to lunchboxes are from Huski Home, kids love them and they’re fantastic for adults too. They’re made using waste rice husks and a carefully researched totally natural binding agent so they’re non-toxic and melamine-free (p.s. Huski Home make amazing coffee cups too which work well as sippy cups or for take away hot chocolate/ babyccinos!).

2. Totally natural toothpaste

Around 600 million non-recyclable plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown away every year in the UK alone! Why not switch to a brand like Georganics. They create natural, chemical-free toothpaste that comes in recyclable glass jars. Perfect for the whole family and an easy way to reduce your plastic waste.

3. Sustainable clothing

More than half of all textiles produced each year contain plastic. Fast fashion has become highly popular in today’s culture, but it comes at a huge environmental cost. Why not invest in clothing that will last a lifetime? One of our favourite sustainable clothing brands is Evamoso; they create comfortable, stylish, everyday clothes with the environment in mind.

4. Eco-friendly dinnerware

Have you ever stopped to think about the products you’ve purchased and the impact or carbon footprint on the environment? Conventional kids dinnerware often contains toxic chemicals and nasty plastics, not great for little ones or the planet. That’s why we love Emilie O’Connor. She creates eco homewares that contribute back to the environment combining stunning, unique designs with safe, eco-friendly materials which are great for kids and adults alike.

5. Hypoallergenic plasters

Plasters are not something we often associate with environmental harm. However, ordinary supermarket plasters contain a lot of plastics and harsh chemicals, which many people are allergic to. Patch create plasters that are great for our skin and the environment; made from bamboo (such a versatile plant!), coconut oil, activated charcoal and aloe vera. That’s it! Oh, and they’re really sticky too.

6. Eco eyewear

For many of us, sun glasses are part of our daily life during summer months. So why not choose something long-lasting, comfortable and, of course, plastic free. We absolutely love Fresh For Pandas eco eyewear range. They create stylish wooden frames which are light-weight and eco friendly.

7. Back to basics skincare

Whatever happened to natural ingredients? The world has become so consumed by science, chemicals and experimenting, it’s time to go back to the basics. Cut.Le.Crap have developed a range of all-natural face and body products using natures best formulas. They care about what we put on our skin. Even their packaging is totally plastic free.

8. Refillable household cleaning products

Many commercial household cleaning products use harsh and toxic chemicals stored in plastic bottles which leave residue behind on our surfaces. Not safe for our little ones who touch absolutely everything! We love plastic free and non-toxic cleaning products like Fill Refill Co. They avoid harsh chemicals and don’t use any plastic. Their refillable glass bottles reduce the need for single-use plastic.

9. Biodegradable baby wipes

Wet wipes, mainly baby wipes, are the cause of 93% of UK sewer blockages due to the plastic fibres used to make them, and when they make their way into the environment they’ll take over 500 years to break down. That’s why we highly recommend Mum and You biodegradable baby wipes. Completely plastic free, they use a special material made from the most abundant and renewable wood fibre on earth. They are soft, strong and fragrance free, so they’re safe for your little ones too.

10. The best suncream (and other products!)

Babies skin is so sensitive, and we all want the best start for our kids. Their skin is much thinner than us so chemicals are much more easily absorbed. We’re so happy to have discovered Toddle Born Wild. They create natural vegan children’s skincare to help protect them from the elements while out and about – packaged in bio-plastic containers. Their suncream is so easy to apply (not thick and gloopy like a lot of natural alternatives) and smells delicious. A family favourite in our household.

11. Plastic free toys

The UK’s toy industry is massive – last year consumers spent £370m on them. But environmentalists say this is a huge contributor to the amount of plastic ending up in landfill and oceans. Le Toy Van are always trying to find ways to reduce their impact on the beautiful earth by creating toys that do not contain plastic, including the packaging.

Pure Earth Collection are passionate about designing plastic free products for your kids and helping you discover other lovely sustainable brands too. We’d love to know about your favourite eco brands. What other plastic free tips or swaps did you discover last month? Share what’s working for you in the comments below!