Best Plastic-Free Baby Products

Many recent studies show that babies and small children are more exposed to microplastics than adults. This is a direct result of the plastic products they’re surrounded with on a daily basis. We’re passionate about reducing children’s exposure to microplastics by creating plastic-free products, free from synthetic fabrics. Here’s a round-up of our best-selling plastic-free baby products which will help to reduce the microplastics in your homes. 

All-Season Sleeping Bags – Signature

All-Season Sleeping Bags – Ultimate

All-Season Sleeping Bags – Embroidered

Bumblebee Sensory Toys

Bumble Bee Sensory Toy


Hornbill Sensory Toys

organic baby sensory toy

Hornbill Sensory Toy


Lion Sensory Toys

Lion Sensory Toy


Teething Toys

Bush Baby Teethers, pack of 2


Bunny Comforters


Bunny Comforter

from £26.00

Organic Kids Robes – Grey

Organic Kids Robes – Grey


Organic Kids Robe – Stripe

Organic Kids Robe – Green

Organic Robe – Green


Organic Kids Robes – White

Organic Robes – White