Best Plastic-Free Baby Products

Many recent studies show that babies and small children are more exposed to microplastics than adults. This is a direct result of the plastic products they’re surrounded with on a daily basis. We’re passionate about reducing children’s exposure to microplastics by creating plastic-free products, free from synthetic fabrics. Here’s a round-up of our best-selling plastic-free baby products which will help to reduce the microplastics in your homes. 

All-Season Sleeping Bags – Signature

All-Season Sleeping Bags – Ultimate

All-Season Sleeping Bags – Embroidered

Bumblebee Sensory Toys

Bumble Bee Sensory Toy


Hornbill Sensory Toys

Hornbill Sensory Toy


Lion Sensory Toys

Lion Sensory Toy


Teething Toys

Bunny Comforters

Bunny Comforter


Organic Kids Robes – Grey

Organic Robes – Grey


Organic Kids Robe – Stripe

Organic Kids Robe – Green

Organic Kids Robes – White


Organic Robes – White