Written by Lucy Kelly, a creative mother of three whose family went into isolation two weeks ago so has had a head start on the homeschooling front! 

What are you top tips on people starting out on their homeschooling journey?

My first tip is try not to recreate school or take on the role of the teacher – they have had years of training and experience and your children will get confused if you suddenly switch from “mum” to “teacher”. It’s also important to maintain the safe haven of ‘home’ as a place they can associate with relaxing and letting off steam. That said, having a rough rhythm/routine can help them identify work from play time. I set a timer at 40 minute intervals so they know when a break is coming. Loads of breaks and getting outside as much as possible. After lunch we scrap pens and paper and head out into the garden for painting, gardening, foraging, PE, drama etc. 

How do you make homeschooling work for your family and circumstances?

The schools are generally being incredibly supportive and sending through work and tips but I find it nice to do our own thing where possible. It’s important to remember that everyone is on a learning curve and all doing our best. And whilst the curriculum is important this is also an opportunity to get creative and let them learn some other “life lessons”. TV is strictly off until the evening and a little bit before breakfast – but we are lucky to have so much outside space and if people want to resort to tv to help them through the day – no judgement! It’s about giving everyone – teachers, parents and children – a break and not expecting too much of anyone. The days are long and we are all now having to fill multiple roles for which we are not prepared. 

How do you keep the peace and keep kids focused for homeschooling?

Pick your battles – with your children, your other half, and yourself!! Go easy on everyone. Also incentives – mine are allowed to chose a song to listen to when they get through a bit of work for the next session. I also have stickers which are awarded at supper time and medals on Friday!!! 

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