Christmas is around the corner and lots of you will have plans to visit family and friends over the festive season. But sleeping away from home can be unsettling for little ones and a logistical headache for parents. Here’s how to minimise disruption while away from home this Christmas:

Travelling with toddlers and kids over Christmas

It sounds obvious but managing expectations is key. Tell your kids in advance where they’ll be going and for how long, so they can mentally prepare and get excited about the trip. Ask them to help you pack and let them pick out a few favourite outfits, teddies and books which they’d like to bring with them – and if you’re going to an adults-only household a few toys too. I like to keep a ‘rule of 4’ on toys, so they don’t get left behind. Each child can choose 4 toys, 4 teddies and 4 stories to bring with them. That way, when we’re packing up to come home we know how many we need to count back into the bags.

Show your kids where they’ll be sleeping as soon as you arrive. This will help them settle into their new surroundings and feel like they have a ‘base’ to come back to where their belongings and familiar things are kept.

And if you’re heading somewhere which is short on beds, we have the perfect solution for toddlers and kids staying away from home! Our 100% natural, plastic-free travel beds are super fun for little ones, easy to transport and have a removable and washable organic cotton cover. Easy to set up in less than 20 seconds and they come with an integral pillow (just fold the end over and secure to the poppers) and a handy travel bag which has a pouch at the front for a blanket and some favourite teddies. And the best part about these travel beds is that they don’t take up any bulky storage space in your home as they turn into cute reading chairs by day.

Also, be prepared that bedrooms away from home could be darker or lighter than their bedroom at home. A night light is also good to travel with if your kids aren’t used to sleeping in pitch darkness. And if you’ve got kids who sleep better in a dark environment our travel blackout blinds are super handy to take with you on all your adventures.

Better baby sleep away from home this Christmas

Some babies will be extremely flexible and will sleep easily away from home, but others might need a bit of extra settling and reassurance. Packing familiar toys, sleeping bags and books can help them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. As much as possible, stick to your normal bedtime wind-down routine and spend some time with your baby in their new bedroom to help them get used to the new environment. It’s impossible to predict how hot or cold someone else’s house will be at night, so taking a natural fabric, all-season sleeping bag with you will ensure you have the right bag for any temperature. Taking portable blackout blinds for daytime naps is important in case the bedrooms aren’t as dark as they’re used to. And don’t forget to pack the monitor!