Organic Velour Jackets

Super snuggly velour jackets lined with soft jersey fabric designed to outsmart the growth spurts.

Organic Grey Jacket

Made using super soft velour and jersey fabrics and non-toxic dyes. Great against your baby’s skin

Organic Stripy Jacket

Our jackets are designed to fit your children for longer with added length and foldable sleeves.

NEXT DAY DELIVERY for all orders placed before 2pm Monday – Friday

Our cleaner oceans pledge

With each jacket or robe purchased, we will remove 11 grams of plastic from our shores and oceans. That’s equivalent to 3 plastic shopping bags or 44 plastic straws! Read more about our Cleaner Oceans Pledge here.

Why our organic jacket is so great

Made using super soft velour fabric and lined with jersey fabric so it is gentle against your baby’s skin. As sustainability is a huge part of our ethos, these clothes are designed to grow with your baby with added length and foldable sleeves. All of our clothes are made with 100% organic materials and non-toxic dyes.

The jackets are great as a mid-season/ summer jacket or an extra layer in winter. Think UK staycations, summer evenings, travel cover-up or just everyday adventures.