Indoor air pollution is up to 6x higher than the air outside, and with more and more people spending increasing amounts of time at home, it’s a quick and easy way to kickstart your family’s health drive for 2022.

Micro-plastics in the air that we breath are a major source of indoor air pollution. A recent study done by Good Morning Britain revealed that airborne micro-plastics are 100x more than what was originally expected by the scientists who carried out the study. It’s thought that we inhale around 7,000 micro-plastic particles every day which doctors worry will have future health implications on a par with tobacco, and babies and children are more exposed to these pollutants than adults.

But here’s the great news: this is a simple and easy thing to solve! Just by making a few swaps around your house you can massively reduce the micro-plastics your family is exposed to. 

Watch our video below to see how many micro particles are released from every day children’s items around your home:

Simple changes to detox your home from micro-plastics

  1. Avoid polyester teddies and choose cuddly toys made from cotton instead.
  2. If your child is already attached to certain polyester cuddlies, try to add in some cotton options too – hopefully over time they will form attachments with these new teddies and you can slowly phase out old favourites or suggest they sleep on chairs rather than in your child’s bed.
  3. Buy cotton or natural fabric clothing wherever you can, especially for your kids. Charity shops and hand-me-downs are great if you’re sticking to budgets, and an added benefit is that pre-loved clothes have less formaldehyde in the fabric due to all the previous washing.
  4. Remember that ‘eco’ or ‘recycled’ polyester is just as bad for your child’s health as virgin polyester, so avoid this too where possible.
  5. Swap out as much of the synthetic home textiles in your house as you can. Choose wool carpets with natural felt underlay, cotton or linen fabrics for sofas, cushions, throws and curtains.
  6. If you’re in rented accommodation, or not able to choose wool carpets for other reasons, don’t panic, there are still things you can do! Consider buying a natural fabric rug or mat and put this down over high traffic areas, and places where your kids are most likely to spend a lot of time.
  7. Hoover and dust your home regularly. Micro-plastics in your house collect in dust which young children are more exposed to than adults.
  8. Open windows everyday to help clean your household air. An air filter will also help remove small airborne micro-plastics.
  9. If you do have polyester items in your children’s wardrobe and can’t, or would rather not, swap them out, make sure your child doesn’t suck on the fabric and keep these fabrics away from their cots or beds.
  10. Always read the label to check what fabric you’re buying. Soft looking, velvety fabrics and faux fur are usually made from polyester. And many fabrics which claim to be ‘organic’ often have a high polyester blend.

£15 voucher to help kick-start a micro-plastic free 2022

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Even if you make just one change from the above you’ll be doing a really great thing. Or perhaps you could try making one change each month for 2022, and by October you’ll be done! To help get you started, we’re offering a £15 voucher to our wonderful community to spend on our plastic-free products.

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