Guest blog post written by Rosie Stockley, founder of @mamawelluk.

International Women’s Day is a great time to reflect and amplify the achievements of women, but we should endeavor to make this a focus the whole year. Until women gain equality, not only with men, but with each other, there’s conversation and work to be done. I founded Mamawell with a focus on providing quality information and workouts to women of all backgrounds for FREE, ensuring wellness isn’t just for the privileged few. This is the aim of the @mamawelluk community page on Instagram, where women have had access to all types of workouts, mind and body specialists, parenting specialists, Q&A and more. 

The theme of this year’s IWD is #breakthebias and this can tie in really well to how we treat women during their pregnancies. The way of thinking that women are somehow broken and fragile in their pregnancies, needing to rest and not to work on their strength is thankfully reducing, though there’s more to be done in this area. In a normal ‘uncomplicated’ pregnancy you’ll have weeks of amazing energy, feeling like your body is your superpower, being amazed at the growth, wanting to be strong and working out. For when that’s the case, trainers like me are here to help you be your best! And of course on those days where you’re tired, anxious, not sure about moving it’s vital you listen to your body and rest. There’s a balance to be found.

I’d like us to all know we can #breakthebias by taking time to really learn what’s happening inside the body during our pregnancy, not being afraid of the adaptations but rather working with them. Using workouts to increase strength, endurance, energy, but in a really safe and beneficial way. Keeping strong and fit during pregnancy has so many benefits, both physically and mentally. From regulating hormones and blood pressure, to reducing the risk of gestational diabetes, reducing pain and promoting positive mental health, there are many reasons to keep moving. This doesn’t need to be full workouts 5 times a week, but just keeping active regularly is great. The NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity a week and this can be spread out over many short stints. Don’t forget the walking you do, cleaning at home, climbing stairs – this all counts towards your daily activity. If you can find a workout routine that really inspires you, makes you happy and motivated then this is a great way to incorporate into your week. It’s never good to feel like our exercise is a chore, particularly at times when we have lots to process, like during pregnancy.

If you have any concerns during your pregnancy then your midwife or GP will be able to advise you, but if your workouts are making you feel great, then it’s likely they’re working well! For guidance in moving throughout your pregnancy, incorporating cardio and strength training that’s going to be beneficial and safe, have a look at The Mamawell Method. The workouts are designed to be adapted for each trimester and to suit your mood, as in pregnancy no two days feel the same! 

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Rosie is a women’s fitness specialist with over 15 years experience. Rosie founded MAMAWELL to provide women with education and insight into their bodies in the pre and postpartum period and beyond, and the benefits that exercise can bring – mentally and physically, both for strength and energy. Rosie trained as a dancer, so movement & the body has been a focus her whole life – as has bringing her passion and experience to as many people as possible. She taught dance and coached movement in diverse places, from Australia to the USA, from Vietnam to Dubai and right back to the UK. She continued her training at Equinox Academy in New York and the Royal Academy of Dance in London. This varied professional experience helps her to understand what might motivate you and how to help you reach your goals with confidence.

Rosie is well known for her holistic and intelligent approach to training the body, and the individual needs of each woman. She writes extensively, speaks and sits on panels highlighting the importance of fitness for mental health, the benefits of being strong at all life stages, and how to find balance and energy in our busy, multi-faceted roles as women. Rosie is respected for providing quality information, from her professional experience whether this is on fitness, wellness, pregnancy, postpartum or motherhood.

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