We’ve all now seen a lot in the news about the environmental disaster of micro-plastics. They’ve now made their way into all parts of our world, eco systems and food chains, being found on even the remotest beaches and at the top of mountains.

Due to recent very concerning studies, scientists are now rushing to find out more about the health implications of micro-plastics. Over the last 18 months, studies into what micro-plastics are doing to human health have been gaining traction. Doctors and scientists around the world are worried about the severity of what these tiny toxins are doing to our health, with the long term consequences still unclear, and have called for further studies to be carried out urgently.

Here’s a round up of some recent research which has found that humans, especially children, are increasingly exposed, and the effects of micro-plastics on human health:

Micro-plastics are having a worrying impact on human health

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And below are the links to the full articles about the above studies.


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