February and March are some of the coldest months in the UK, with average temperatures (since 2020) at 4.9°C and 6.1°C respectively. This can make dressing your baby for sleep very difficult, particularly if your heating turns off overnight.

Being too hot or too cold is one of the leading causes of unnecessary night wakings for babies. But it’s also one of the easiest things to solve. We’ve been working hard over the last seven years to bring parents quick and easy solutions to help little ones maintain a safe and comfortable temperature all night long. Here are our top two winter sleep hacks which are helping thousands of parents get better sleep:

  1. Avoid all polyester in sleepwear and bedding

It seems obvious, but did you know that over 95% of baby sleeping bag brands use polyester wadding inside their sleeping bags, even when they claim to be organic? Very often the sleeping bags marketed as ‘organic’ are stuffed full of polyester! It’s well known that polyester significantly impairs the body’s ability to regulate temperature, meaning waking up too cold as well as getting sweaty very easily and overheating (sometimes all in the same night).

To help babies regulate their body temperature throughout the night it’s important to choose 100% natural fabrics for your bedding, inside and out. The unique bamboo wadding inside Pure Earth Collection’s organic baby sleeping bags gives unrivalled temperature control, leading to peace of mind for parents and a longer and better quality sleep for babies. Over 90% of our customers report better sleep using our unique, 100% natural fabric sleeping bags.

2. Keep arms and hands extra snug with padded sleeve sleepsuits

Our all-season baby sleeping bags are really great at regulating temperatures and keeping little ones cosy on cold nights. But sometimes, on very cold evenings, you might need a little extra warmth on their arms. We’ve been asked by customers to make sleeping bags with detachable sleeves – but after chatting to the safety regulators about this unfortunately it’s not something we would do. Sleeping bags with sleeves can apparently restrict a baby’s movement and can therefore be unsafe. So we put our thinking caps on and came up with a better solution: Winter sleepsuits with ‘fur’ lined sleeves! The ‘fur’ is made from 100% organic cotton plush. We’ve added length along the wrists for extra warmth and they also have fold over hand mitts too.

So, for those with cool but not freezing bedroom temperatures, our All-Season Sleeping Bags will be perfect from winter through to summer too. And for those who have slightly colder indoor climes over the winter months, our Winter Sleepsuits with padded sleeves are perfect to wear under our All-Season Sleeping Bags for that added cosy factor.


Average air temperatures in the UK: https://www.statista.com/statistics/585133/monthly-mean-temperature-in-england-uk/