To help babies regulate their body temperature throughout the night it’s important to choose 100% natural fabrics for your bedding, inside and out. The unique bamboo wadding inside Pure Earth Collection’s organic baby sleeping bags gives unrivalled temperature control, leading to peace of mind for parents and a better night’s sleep for babies. We’ve had so much feedback from customers that these sleeping bags have really helped their babies to sleep longer from night one. Here’s a round up of what parents have been experience recently with our organic baby sleeping bags:

“My baby had been struggling to sleep after the four month regression and I don’t know what magic you add to this sleeping bag but it made him sleep for a good few hours for the first time in weeks. I daren’t not use it for any naps now” Jemma

baby sleeps with organic baby comforter in organic baby sleeping bag

“We noticed an improvement the very first night we used it, he settled right away and started almost sleeping through the night” Diana

“A VERY smiley and chatty kind of morning following a record long sleep (7hr!!) in her new Pure Earth Collection sleeping bag. Thanks a million!” Sherin

“This bag has helped so so much and means she’s sleeps deeper and doesn’t get as upset – been just brilliant!” Tash

“Really good quality, feels and looks lovely. My baby sleeps like an angel after transitioning from swaddle up.” Nat


We’re really passionate about sustainability and designing products made from organic, environmentally friendly fabrics which will last for years and not be outgrown too quickly. On top of this, we make sure the functionality is the best it can be to make life easier for parents, so our organic baby sleeping bags are machine washable and are ideal for all-seasons, taking the guess work out of bedtime dressing. Tried and tested my mothers all around the world, here’s some of the latest feedback:

“This is a beautiful sleeping bag which I bought for my son who is 2.5 it fits him well and will be passed down to his little brother when it’s outgrown. It’s always worth buying something of high quality when it’s going to get a lot of wear. Impressed!” Laura

“Absolutely love these sleeping bags, we got a second one as we loved it so much! They wash well and are nice and soft. Really long so will last a while too!” Alexa

“We absolutely love our Pure Earth sleeping bag. The reassurance that it is fine for all seasons and that the material is organic with no nasties is great. It also washes really well. Highly recommended, worth the price.” Katherine

“So happy with this sleeping bag, well made and high quality. He loves it, nice and cozy and comforts him whilst sleeping. Worth the money, very happy with our purchase.” Eftychia