As Safer Sleep Week approaches, our focus sharpens on the most crucial aspects of parenting—ensuring our babies sleep safely and soundly. At Pure Earth Collection, the desire for every child to enjoy comfortable and risk-minimised rest resonates deeply with us. For over seven years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to reimagining sleep solutions for babies. Collaborating with leading sleep safety regulators and specialists, we’ve meticulously crafted our products to ensure they are best in class for safety and tranquillity. That’s why we’re committed to sharing essential advice and introducing you to natural and innovative solutions that promise not only safety but also serenity in your little one’s sleep environment. We’ve also shared an exclusive discount code below on some of our best selling and multi award-winning sleep products.

The Importance of Natural Fabrics for Sleep

In our quest for safer sleep, the choice of fabric plays a pivotal role. Synthetic materials, commonly found in baby sleepwear and bedding, trap heat and hinder air circulation, posing a risk of overheating. In contrast, natural fabrics offer a breath of fresh air—quite literally. Our natural fabric sleeping bags are crafted from organic cotton lining with bamboo wadding. Bamboo is renowned for its breathability, moisture-wicking properties and ability to regulate temperature. This ensures your baby stays comfortable throughout the night, in just the right warmth without the worry of overheating.

A Guide to Safer Sleep Practices

Cot Sleeping: Creating a safe cot environment is fundamental. Ensure the mattress is firm, the cot is free of loose bedding, toys, and pillows, and always place your baby on their back to sleep, with their feet at the end of the cot. Our sleeping bags complement these safety measures perfectly, providing a safe and secure fit and a CE certified clip-on comforter that can’t be moved about or dropped, helping your baby to be soothed and happy all night long.

Co-Sleeping: Whether you plan to co-sleep or not, around 90% of parents end up co-sleeping with their baby at some point, so it’s important to know how to do this safely. A firm, flat surface is equally as important for bed sharing babies. Keep pillows and heavy duvets away from your little one and ensure the sleeping space is secure so they cannot fall off the bed or down any cracks or gaps. Co-sleeping provides extra warmth for your baby so it’s essential to minimise risks of overheating. A well-designed sleeping bag, like those from Pure Earth Collection, can help maintain your baby’s optimal temperature, without the risks associated with traditional blankets and covers.

Overheating is considered a major risk factor for SIDS. Choosing 100% natural fabrics for their bedding and removing hats inside can significantly reduce this risk. Remember babies should never sleep on any surfaces which are not designed for sleep – so avoid sofas or bouncy chairs for their naps. It’s also important to keep babies away from windows and radiators and make sure there are no cords, strings or sharp objects nearby (think bedside table corners or similar).

The Role of Indoor Air Quality in Sleep

safer sleeping air quality for babies and children

Indoor air quality is often overlooked in discussions about sleep safety but sadly has also been identified as a major risk factor for SIDS. The air your baby breathes is as crucial as the environment they sleep in. We always recommend choosing a natural, chemical free mattress and keeping volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your baby’s bedroom to a minimum. Traditional baby blackout blinds are made from PVC and are a major contributor to indoor air pollution, releasing phthalates and other toxic chemicals into the air – especially when they get hot in a sunny window. Our organic blackout blinds don’t just create the perfect dark environment for your baby’s sleep; they also contribute to cleaner indoor air, being free from the VOCs that synthetic materials can release.

Embracing Safer Sleep with Pure Earth Collection

organic baby sleeping bag with safer self settling

As we celebrate Safer Sleep Week, we invite you to explore our range of organic sleeping bags and blackout blinds. Designed alongside advice from the leading sleep safety regulators, and with your baby’s safety and comfort in mind, our products are a testament to our commitment to non-toxic, sustainable living and the overall health of little ones. And to make this journey accessible to all families, we’re offering an exclusive 15% off on our sleeping bags and blackout blinds for Safer Sleep Week til the end of the month. It’s our way of helping you ensure that every night is a good, safe night.

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Safer sleep is more than just a week-long campaign; it’s a commitment to our children’s wellbeing. By choosing natural, consciously made products, we take a significant step towards that commitment. Join us in making every sleep a safe sleep.

Celebrate Safer Sleep Week with Pure Earth Collection—because every baby deserves a safe, serene sleep.