It’s been a busy and very exciting couple of months for our brand. We were shortlisted as finalists for seven awards and went on to win five of them! We cannot thank our team, manufactures and advisors enough for all the hard work and dedication they have put into making these products not only best in class but also using the most natural, sustainable and non-toxic materials possible.


Our organic baby sleeping bags won a gold award in the prestigious Junior Design Awards. We were up against some big names in the industry and well established brands, so we were so honoured to win this award. Our sleeping bags also won bronze in the incredible Clean + Conscious Awards, who are unrivalled globally at recognising the most sustainable, ethical and non-toxic products.


We were totally blown away when our organic blackout blinds also won gold last month in the amazing Absolutely Mama Awards in the Best Nursery / Interiors Product category. We were up against some huge household names including Stokke and Silver Cross (used by the Royal Family!). For a product which we have designed and manufactured to be competing against such huge industry players is quite frankly mind-blowing. We have put so much thought, effort and love into creating these blackout blinds and it’s just incredible for them to get recognition in this way. And this month our organic blackout blinds have gone on to win silver in the incredible Clean + Conscious Awards too.


If you’ve known about us for a while you’ll know that our core brand values focus on protecting the heath of children and also the planet. We live and breath sustainability and go above and beyond to make sure the materials, fabrics and trims we use are as natural and as safe as they can be. So it was so amazing to be acknowledged in this area when we won an award for Most Eco Friendly Brand in the Absolutely Mama Awards.


The new research coming out about babies ingesting 10-20 times more micro-plastics than adults is extremely worrying when you consider the implications of this to the future health of these children. We’re passionate about creating natural and safe alternatives for your little ones and one area we have focused on over the last four years is swapping out polyester teddies (which contain dangerous amounts of micro-plastics) for natural, organic fabrics. Our organic sensory toys are made from totally natural materials inside and out, so they’re safer for your babies, especially when sucked on or when they release micro-fabrics into the surrounding air and household dust. We were so happy to see that our organic bumble bee was shortlisted as a finalist for two awards this year.