Find out about how Pure Earth Collection’s natural baby products are made and their ethical manufacturing processes

Last week we visited our UK based factory to run through all our products, make improvements where needed and most excitingly, to plan lots of future products to add to our Pure Earth Collection range! We love visiting our manufacturer, the team there are always so welcoming and so eager to help us with our designs and it’s great to see where all the magic happens.

I am forever in awe of how our fabrics arrive in long rolls and are transformed into beautiful, high quality products with intricate details. There’s so much talent in that building and it’s a joy to see our garments in production.

The thing which stands out the most to us when we are there is the happiness of the workers. Walking around the building we’re constantly greeted by friendly faces eager to help out or show us what they’re working on. And importantly, our factory is Sedex approved, which shows a commitment from them to the continuous improvement of ethical performance within the factory and their supply chain.


We source all our fabrics ourselves as the majority of them are custom made for us to ensure they are organic and safe for your babies, and some parts need to be pre-shrunk to ensure they can be machine washed when you get them home. Being super stringent with our non-toxic and sustainable credentials, we also source all our own labels and trims to be certain that they contain no nasties and that they are also kind to our environment.

Once we’ve been through a number of sampling rounds for each product and had those samples tested for the relevant safety standards, full production goes ahead. Our fabrics are placed on a huge cutting table and laser cut into panels. All the waste fabrics around the edges of the larger panels are used for our smaller products, like our teething toys and the ears of our bunnies. The big panels are used for our sleeping bags and blankets.

Relevant parts are then sent to the embroiderers, after which all the panels start to be stitched together using various processes and methods. The zips, bindings and poppers are the last parts to go on, but that’s not nearly the end of the process. Each garment is then quality checked, steam ironed and then sent for packing. The garments are quality checked again and packaged up in our plastic free, biodegradable cotton bags and recycled paper labels.


What’s been the hardest part about starting your own business? This is a question I am often asked. And the honest answer is: finding a manufacturer. The single most important consideration for us when looking for our manufacturer was that they were ethical and had high worker rights and a good working environment. But we also needed to find a factory which would understand our strict requirements for a plastic and chemical-free process, which wasn’t too big or too small for our quantities, which understood our products and could grow with us as we expand.

Finding our long term partner to help us bring safe, natural and sustainable products to your family was a very long process (and we had to kiss a few frogs along the way!) and one which we were not willing to compromise on. A lot of love, care, attention and hard work has gone into each and every one of our products and we’re so excited to be able to share these with you. We’ll be showing sneak peaks of our new products over on our Instagram soon so stay tuned!

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