Have you just started or about to start your weaning journey? If, like me, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the advice online and from other mothers on when it’s best to wean, what foods to start with, what to avoid, vital nutrients etc etc then our Baby Nutrition Workshop might be for you.

We’ve lined up an expert panel of baby nutritionists to answer some of the below questions. There’ll also be plenty of time to ask our speakers all of the questions on your mind and they’ll be doing live cooking demos too.



What is too much? We understand it should never be added to food but when out and about how do you know, and can you allow for this in things like nut butters etc. It’s impossible to find anything coherent about this online.

Vitamins and mineral.

When and why do babies’ iron stores start to deplete and how can we keep this toped up? And please talk us through other vital vitamins and minerals for this stage of life too.


This is such an important topic at the moment as more and more research is showing what a huge effect this has on our overall health. Please talk us through it and help us understand how best to improve this.

Toxins to avoid.

It’s all very well trying to cook everything healthy and from scratch, but what about what to avoid? For example BPA in tinned foods, Teflon in non-stick pans, plastics leaching from bowls and storage containers etc. I fell into this trap with my first baby before I knew how bad these things all were.

Other things to avoid. 

So we’re all told about honey and sugar. Is there anything else?


How much and when? We don’t want to fill our babies up so much that they then cut back on milk, so what’s the best strategy with this?

Weaning at 4 months to reduce allergy risk.

There is so much research coming out about this and America and Australia now advise weaning at 4 months to reduce allergies, but the UK still advises to wean at 6 months. Can you talk us through this and help us decide what is best for our babies?

Puree Vs baby led?

Pros and cons. I did puree for my first and baby led for my second. Is one bettor or worse in terms of nutrition? And do you have any tricks to get babies eating solids if they are sleeping an adamant puree-only baby like my first was!

If you’d like to join this workshop and find out more about weaning your baby then please join us at this event. Spaces are limited so pre-booking is required. You can book your place here. And the next 20 places booked will get a free goodie bag worth up to £55!