Choosing organic and natural baby sleepwear is really important for helping your baby sleep. Learn how natural fabrics can help improve sleep quality

When choosing sleeping bags, blankets and duvets for your little ones, the outer fabric is very important, but it’s mainly about what’s inside, and here’s why.

As the filling makes up the majority of the fabric, it’s really important that it’s a high quality, natural fibre which is going to help regulate your baby’s temperature. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester inside a duvet or sleeping bag are not breathable and can easily cause overheating and sweaty nights, while not keeping in the warmth on cooler evenings. For this reason, sleeping bags with polyester wadding will have a very small window of recommended room temperatures, and you’ll need to change the tog of your sleeping bag with every 3-5°C temperature change. This also means trying to guess what temperature your baby’s room will be each night, and inevitably watching the temperature reading on the monitor all evening hoping you’ve got it right!

Natural fabrics, such as bamboo, cotton, wool and feather have a much greater breathability than their synthetic counterparts, so look for bedding that avoids polyester and favours these materials instead. The champion of all these fabrics, and an upcoming hero in the textile world, is bamboo. Here are some of the amazing benefits of this magical fabric:

1. Unrivaled thermoregulation

Bamboo fabric is proven to work with our bodies to maintain a more constant temperature than other fabrics. For this reason bamboo wadding bedding offers year-round comfort and reduced risk of overheating. The natural micro holes draw up to 3x more water away from the body, creating a cooling ventilation system on hot nights, and warm air pockets on colder evenings.

2. Natural antibacterial properties

Bamboo’s unique bio-agent ‘bamboo kun’ makes it naturally anti-fungal and mildew, dust mite and odour resistant. Perfect for clumsy little babies!

3. Naturally hypoallergenic

Bamboo is a great choice for sensitive skin as it’s naturally hypoallergenic, and is often recommended by doctors for babies with skin irritations.

4. Highly durable

Bamboo can withstand a lot of washing and can also be put in the tumble dryer, making it a practical choice for busy parents with lots of laundry!

5. Super soft and snuggly

If you’ve never felt bamboo fabric then you’re missing out! Move over cashmere! And bamboo wadding is another level of soft and cloud-like bliss.

6. Environmentally sustainable

Bamboo can grow over a metre a day with little water and no need for chemicals or fertilizers, putting less strain on the environment and making it a sustainable alternative to other fabrics.

7. Biodegradable

As it’s a natural fabric it’s 100% biodegradable, helping to keep our planet clean for the next generation.

Top tips when buying your bedding

Remember to read the small print carefully before buying anything. A lot of bedding claims to be 100% natural in the attention grabbing headings, but when you read the finer details at the bottom of the page they admit to a polyester wadding.