Does your baby wake up too often in the night feeling too hot or too cold?

Most baby sleeping bags use a polyester wadding (or polyester blend fabric), which inhibits the body’s natural ability to regulate temperature. Given that babies find it hard to maintain a consistent body temperature, using polyester in their sleepwear leads to a lot of unnecessary night waking from being too hot or too cold, and also increases the risk of overheating.

Shockingly over 95% of brands use polyester in their sleeping bags but use misleading marketing tactics to make you think you’re buying a ‘natural’ or ‘thermoregulating’ product. They’ll hide the actual fabric composition somewhere in the small print or greenwash it by saying the polyester is ‘recycled’ (spoiler, recycled polyester is just as bad for sleep, health and the planet!).

In fact, this is such a common issue that one of the first questions asked by almost all baby sleep consultants is ‘what does your baby sleep in? Make sure they’re sleeping in 100% natural fabrics.’.

As well as inhibiting temperature regulation, polyester releases thousands of microplastic particles, which are not only a danger to the environment, they have been shown to make their way into the human body via ingestion, inhalation and skin contact. It’s such a huge and escalating problem that microplastics have recently been found in the placenta of unborn babies, in 75% of breastmilk samples, in the human bloodstream and deep inside the lungs. And what’s worse is that studies have found that babies have 10-20x more microplastics in their bodies than adults because of the excessive use of plastics and synthetic materials in baby products.

This leads to worrying health consequences for babies as these tiny toxins play havoc with our hormones and are linked to a host of chronic diseases, including cancer, obesity, fertility issues and more.

Pure Earth Collection are passionate about protecting babies from harmful plastics and helping parents get better sleep without compromising on functionality. This is why we created a revolutionary organic baby sleeping bag which has a unique bamboo wadding, proven to help babies get longer, better quality sleep from night one. And the organic cotton lining is super soft and gentle against your baby’s skin.

Our multi-award-winning baby sleeping bags have no nasty chemicals or ‘hidden’ polyester. Because of the fabric’s unique thermoregulating qualities, one sleeping bag is suitable for all seasons, so overall you buy less. Plus, there’s no more sleeping bag tog confusion trying to decide what the right thickness bag is depending on your room temperature.

Our bamboo baby sleeping bags have helped thousands of families around the world get better sleep from night one, regardless of the season. And we offer a 30-day sleep trial money-back guarantee, so if you try them out, and they’re just not your bag, then you can return them free of charge for a full refund.

“My baby sleeps so much better and I don’t worry about him being too hot or cold anymore”


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