International Plastic Free Kids Day

Tuesday 4th July 2023

Run by Pure Earth Collection

What is Plastic Free Kids Day for?

As part of Plastic Free July we’re running this awareness day to draw attention to the new reality that babies ingest up to 20x more microplastics than adults and microplastic air pollution in children’s bedrooms can be worryingly high (up to 22x more than the rest of the house). This is a direct result of the plastic-based products and fabrics that have flooded the children’s market in recent decades, as well as the habits and behaviours of little people.

Studies into the full health implications are ongoing and very concerning. Numerous toxic effects on our bodies and our cells have been linked with high levels of microplastic ingestion. Yet the vast majority of soft toys sold in the UK are made from 100% polyester.

Interestingly, the majority of microplastic exposure for kids happens in their own homes, which means parents and caregivers have the power to significantly reduce their own children’s exposure.

microplastic in toys

Plastic Free Kids Day is a day designed to raise awareness around the number of plastics our children are exposed to in today’s world and also give helpful and achievable steps we can all take to reduce our kid’s exposure.

International Plastic Free Kids Day

How To Reduce Your Children’s Plastic Exposure

Take part in our awareness day to help reduce your family’s exposure and spread information to others. We’ve put together some quick an easy changes below on how to reduce your children’s microplastic exposure:

Plastic Free Brands Directory

If you’re looking for lovely brands to help you with your plastic-free living, we’ve rounded up our favourite low-plastic brands for kids below:

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