Birth and Newborn Support

This is a not-for-profit platform, set up at the beginning of the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown, to provide support and advice for new and expectant mothers. We understand that the global medical community is stretched beyond capacity and the support of birth partners is being limited too. It’s such an important time for you to feel connected and secure, and we want to do all we can to help make that happen.

Here you will find video advice from experts and professionals from topics relating to birth, breastfeeding, post-natal nutrition, newborn health and more. Additionally, these experts have agreed to make themselves available via phone, video conference and/or Whatsapp to support you with anything you might need over the next few weeks.  

More resources coming soon. Keep checking back.

Online Resources:

National Breastfeeding Helpline (open every single day; 9:30am-9:30pm) – 0300 100 0212

NCT Helpline (open everyday from 8am to midnight) – 0300 330 0700

La Leche League Helpline (open everyday 8am-1pm) – 0345 120 2918

The Breastfeeding Network Helpline – 0300 100 0212

Breastfeeding overview for the early days


Geraldine Miskin, Breastfeeding Specialist and Founder of Miskin Maternity discusses all things breastfeeding; what to expect in the early days and how to know your baby is getting enough milk.

Positive visualisations to prep for any birth

Preparing for Birth

Michaela Kalusová is a doula, pre and post natal psychology educator and a mother of 2 beautiful children. Studied birth for years and helps other mothers-to-be with hypnobirthing visualisations.

Top tips for new mums and newborn babies

Newborn Support

Fab health tips for new mums by Lucinda Miller! If you have a newborn baby, and you’re sore down below, having trouble breastfeeding, or have any other questions, Lucinda has the answers, as well as recommended products.

First days to weeks with your newborn baby

Newborn support

Ellie Bebbington, a maternity nurse and mother of 3 discusses her top tips for mother and baby during the first couple of days to weeks.

Newborn Behaviour: Creating Structure

Newborn Support

Nana has 20 years midwifery background and is a certified lactation consultant. In this video she shares her tips on newborn behaviour as a general guide and how to create structure in your newborn’s life from 2-4 weeks.

Creating a positive birthing energy

Birth Support

Raspreet Sagoo shares her three top tips for a healthy positive birthing experience through manifesting and reconditioning your body’s energy and environmental factors.

Tips for a comfortable latch


Maria Yasnova is a lactation consultant and discusses how to help you get the baby to take the breast with minimal discomfort.

Common conditions in newborns

Newborn support

Dr Sherina Jane Fernandes shares what action to take when newborns develop common complaints such as rashes, fevers, neonatal snuffles, sticky eye, coughs and more.

Common postnatal conditions

Postnatal support

Dr Catherine Glass & Jemma Shafier from Doctor Care Anywhere share advice on how to spot and manage common post-pregnancy health issues.

Preparing mothers during labour birth and beyond

Preparing for birth + beyond

Thando Zwane is birth Doula, postnatal Doula and carries out hypnobirthing courses. Helping mothers and their partners during Bump, Birth and Beyond.

Reducing stress & anxiety; support for mums and dads

Newborn Support

Phuong, the kinesiologist, and Chris, the martial arts expert discusses how to reduce stress and anxiety during this tough time, as well as giving their top tips on how to stay relaxed as a new mother and father.

Navigating Covid-19 hospital policies during pregnancy

Preparing for birth

Harriet Turner, Senior Midwife, shares her top tips for navigating Covid-19 hospital policies for having a safe and positive birth.

Mum‘s Support Chat

Birth + Newborn Support

Simrat is a certified obstetrician and also a mother and mother-to-be; supporting mothers and mothers-to-be from a mother’s point of view.