Sensory toys are great for encouraging your little ones’ cognitive skills and physical development. Their brains are developing so quickly and they are so curious about everything that surrounds them. Having a baby is such an exciting time and we all want to make sure we are giving our babies the best start in life; making sure you are not exposing them or yourself to harmful toxins is really important. We buy so many toys for our children and are gifted so many by well meaning friends and relatives, yet we often don’t actually know what’s in them and whether they are truly safe.

organic sensory toys for babies

The importance of natural baby sensory toys and soft toys

The majority of sensory toys from popular brands are made from polyester and contain known toxins like formaldehyde. Unfortunately this toxic combination of chemicals is used to make so many baby sensory toys and teddies. These types of plastics are dangerous for the environment and also for human health, particularly when in direct contact with skin or when ingested. For a baby that spends a lot of time chewing and sucking on anything they can grab, these materials should be avoided.

In the EU they have restrictions on what substances are allowed in baby and children’s toys. However, according to Chem Trust, “of the 559 alerts sent to the EU’s product safety alert system in 2019 to inform member states of products containing illegal levels of harmful chemicals, 296 were for childcare items, children’s equipment and toys”.

So, how can you find the best baby sensory toys, which help your child to learn and develop without compromising their health? Pure Earth Collection create products with babies and the planet in mind. This is why their natural baby sensory toys are made using organic fabrics and biodegradable filling. Made with interesting contrasting colours, these toys rattle and crinkle and have interesting shapes to explore. And they come with a loop to attach to the buggy when out and about. For a product that is going to be around your baby for a considerable amount of time, it is much healthier and safer to choose natural fabrics for anything that can end up in their mouth.

the importance of natural baby sensory toys

How to know whether the natural baby sensory toy you are buying is truly natural and safe?

Ideally, look for organic sensory toys where possible. When buying baby toys, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of these harmful chemicals:

  • Always read the label
  • Avoid all toys made from polyester which babies are likely to suck on
  • Avoid toys which smell strongly of plastic or chemicals
  • Avoid plastic looking toys, particularly soft, bendy plastics, as they can contain harmful toxins such as phthalates
  • Buy toys that are uncoated or if coated, make sure they are non-toxic, free from lead and actually made for children
  • Be cautious of toys claiming to be ‘eco’ or ‘recycled’. They are likely made from recycled polyester and are just as harmful to human and planet health as non-recycled polyester
  • Don’t always trust brand claims about non-toxic toys, this claim has no legal base – click here for a list of our conscious brand directory