It seems ridiculous even writing a title about non-toxic nursery blackout blinds. Surely, all blackout blinds should have to be non-toxic, especially if they’re designed for use in nurseries? Sadly, that’s not the case. The vast majority of portable or stick on blackout blinds are made from synthetic fabrics, namely PVC, which leaches thousands of harmful chemicals, including a whole host of phthalates, into the air every day. These chemicals build up inside our houses and are a leading cause of poor indoor air quality. It’s no wonder, with products like this, that indoor air quality is around 6x worse than outdoor air quality, even in major cities.

Why are PVC blackout blinds bad for you?

PVC blackout blinds come with a warning on the label or in the packaging which says “do not leave up in direct sunlight”. This is because the heat of the sunlight causes the chemicals to leach out of the fabric at even more worrying levels – that warm plastic smell is the smell of toxic chemicals being released into the air.

The group of chemicals known as phthalates is so harmful to human health that there was an emergency government regulation bought in about 20 years ago banning the use of phthalates in all baby toys. Yet, these chemicals still make their way into our children’s bedrooms via other, unregulated products, such as blackout blinds, inflatable mattresses and most soft, bendy plastic products. This is just one group of a whole host of extremely toxic chemicals given off by PVC.

Unfortunately polyester blackout blinds are not much better as they are treated with a thermal lining which contains a lot of VOCs.

Which are the best nursery blackout blinds?

Using blackout blinds either instead of, or as well as, a curtain in your baby’s bedroom can be an extremely effective way to help promote the natural production of melatonin, the sleepy hormone, in our babies. With the nights getting longer, and the sun coming up earlier in the day, there’ll be an increasing seasonal demand for children’s blackout blinds.

When choosing stick on blackout blinds for your babies, always make sure they’re made from totally natural, non-synthetic fabrics, which won’t leach chemicals into the air and will help maintain healthy indoor air quality while also helping your little one to benefit from maximum sleep. 100% cotton, or other plant-based fabrics are the best choice, as these won’t contain harmful chemicals, and they’ll be fine to leave up during the day in the heat of the sun.

Portable blackout blinds for babies

While it’s great to invest in a blackout lined curtain or blind for your child’s bedroom, this can be expensive and it is also only an at-home solution. Buying a portable blackout blind is a brilliant option because it can be used at home and also on weekends away and holidays, making sure your children get the best possible sleep when you’re on the move too. Pure Earth Collection’s organic blackout blinds are portable, super sticky and light weight, so they can be packed into their handy travel bag and taken with you on all your adventures.